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First Day of School (3 years Old)
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Summer 2001(Black & White)
My First Tornado
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First Birthday
First Camping Trip
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Some of my current favourite things (they tend to change frequently):
Hot Wheels.com
Capital City Speedway

Some of my favourite things from when I was a baby:
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Telly Tubbies!

He's fierce!

Wes hard at work.Hi, I'm Wes and this is my website.
Websites are terrific because I can show my family and friends from far and wide what I get up to.
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Click on the picture to see more swimming pic's.
When I was a a baby, every Saturday my mum took me to swimming lessons at Aqua-Tots.
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Click here to see pictures of my camping trip.
Take a peek at my first camping trip when I was ten months old.
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Click here to see shots of my first birthday.
My first birthday was a riot. Got lots of great presents and Grannie made me an awesome cake.
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Click here to see some Christmas Pic's.
Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, along came Christmas.
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My Granny and Grandad!Friends and Family!
Click on the picture to see some of my family and friends.
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