Tornado Pics
July 2001
This is looking from the dock up to the house. Eight trees are in that pile that are pushed over.
Same view but further out. These trees did not break but were blown over by the roots. 
Looking down from the deck, you can see that the view is a fair bit wider. The tornado, at least, picked the right trees to blow down. The raspberry bushes got squished though.
We have a new cave!!! Once I get all the trees cleared away, maybe I can make some steps in the limestone rock.
This was a very tall pine tree until the top was twisted off. The top very conveniently fell between the tree trunk and the steps. There's three more trees behind it with the tops twisted off too.

The cave again. Could use it for guests I suppose :)

Lots of other damage to trees all over the property. This one's split. 


The view is better now.
This was really spooky. After the storm, we went down by the waterfront to survey the damage and found this pair of brass hands hanging on to a branch in a tree just out of reach. We are going to leave them there. The neighbours have speculated that they may have come from an old cemetery in the woods up on top of the hill.