Local Links

Georges Marine and Sports
My local Nitro dealer. Great folks to deal with. They have an annual Tracker/Nitro derby for their clients which is a blast.

A local bass tournament fisherman with his journal, tips and a message board.

Charles Sim, a local bass pro's web site with a forum specifically on the Ottawa tournament scene with links to all the local tournament websites. The message board can be quite an entertaining and colourful read.

Fish Hawk's Site
A great site to visit often, covering mostly eastern Ontario. Updated with new articles regularly, a forum, a map project and lots more.

Canada Propeller Inc.
My local Piranha composite propeller dealer. These props make so much sense on the Ottawa river (lots of dead heads and rock shoals to hit). Simply pop in a new blade to replace the damaged blade. I also like to put in different pitch blades to match the boat load in minutes.
1398 Star Top
Ottawa, K1B 4V7

The Ottawa River Sailing Page
A very nicely done website with a descriptive tour of the river.

Ottawa River Levels
Updated weekly and daily in the spring. The river can change a fair bit overnight sometimes. Varies by as much as 8 1/2 feet where I live.

Ottawa Area Boat Launches
Our public launches are in sad shape even after being renovated. Use with extreme caution.

Auger Blade Sharpening in Ottawa
for blades that will be better than when new.

Constance Bay Weather

Britannia Yacht Club Webcam and Wind Reports
Real time reports from the Nepean Sailing Club and Britannia Sailing Club.

Quyon Ferry with Wecam

History of the Ottawa River
Maps, history and heritage of the mighty Ottawa.

The Ottawa River Keeper
She who looks out for the health and future of our river.

Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources
Licenses, open season dates, regulations, etc.

Fitzroy Harbour Provincial Park
A nice place to camp right where the Carp river meets the Ottawa river.

Wes on the Web
My son's website

Where I work. See me if you need any stereo or home theatre gear. Flat panel plasma and LCD sets too. Special discounts if you tell me your bass spots.

The Big Old Fishing Links List
This list is no longer maintained or updated but there's a ton of fishing links from all over.

If you have an Ottawa or Eastern Ontario fishing related link you think should be here, please let me know!

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