Hallams at Camp 98
Our site was huge. This is the back half It faced onto an oxbow of the Bonnechere river and we could feed catfish from shore.
This was the front half of our site with plenty of room for the car, truck and the boat. Very sandy.
Neil and Maria's site was huge too. Neil had to work during the week and was there just on the weekends. 
Neil and Maria's new Subaru.
Maria should really do something about Marcos' nasty habit of having a wiz just anywhere.
The path from our site to Maria's site. Jessie's friend Christina stayed for the week too.
Andre and Sharon's site was two sites down the road from us.Also in the picture is Sharon's brother Darren and his wife who came to visit from nearby Barry's Bay.
Andre and Sharon's site again from the road. The truck was Darren's.
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